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February 25th, 2004

09:32 am

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September 22nd, 2003

01:39 am
well, that was fun. didn't come out like I wanted it to really... oh well. now for why this exists.

dream recall doesn't seem to be tied into long-term memory. not in the craziness of my neural network anyway. so when I wake up I remember everything, but just a few hours later it's all gone, except for that lingering sensation that I know, but then again I don't know, and no images will come up.

for someone used to quasi-photographic recall, it's quite annoying.

so, this is designed to help with that. since the laptop's usually in close vicinity of my bed, and it's a wireless network, and I had far too many free lj codes left..... you get the idea. now whether I should write down every weird dream I get or only the ones I think have any kind of significance, I have no idea, too soon to tell.

in any case... for various reasons of introspection, friends will usually factor into dreams somehow, sometimes even more than family will, which is why i'm locking everybody out. for now. my brain's quite a chaotic place, no need to subject anybody else to that. it's much safer that way, trust me. for both of us.
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative

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01:23 am - opening
the human mind has many levels of consciousness
it is only during periods of deep sleep that these are allowed to mingle
while reconstructing the network of neurons from which consciousness emerges
connections of thoughts and images form, sometimes from long buried ideas
this state where the mind becomes one with itself, ethereal, for all eternity
and at the same time only while asleep

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